Point Magazine

Type setting and image creation for a fictional magazine. This Magazine is aimed for young designers who like to learn and discover new information and opinions. All copy for this project was given to be formatted.

The Problem

The problem that this project presented was to fit 1000 words of an article across 2 spreads, with the first spread being the opening and the second the rest of the article. I Also had to figure out a clever way to communicate the general idea of the article though the use of visual metaphors.

The Solution

The Solution was to show the reader how the article related to the real world. I did this by taking photos of everyday objects and laying them on in an organized fashion. This relates to the themes in the article about taking the world around us and organizing it. I also used type that was similar to that of an encyclopedia or dictionary as well as some type that was closer related to digital technology. This was to represent the connection to naming and categorizing things, and the articles connection to technology.

point mag spread point mag spread
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